GUEST BLOG | A Letter to Young Women Struggling to Love Their Height

Dear 16 year old Jenna,

You're not going to fit in (wow, that's a tough one to hear). Being 6+ inches taller than your peers makes fitting in physically impossible. My advice? Stop trying to. It will be hard at first, but the good news is that the sooner you accept this fact the sooner you will be able to begin the journey of learning to love how much you stand out. 

I know high school is a time when fitting in is super important. The desire to wear the same clothes as the other girls, or to be able to talk with your friends and actually be eye level with them is a valid thing to want to happen. But it’s unfortunately not going to happen. And instead of focusing on all the things that aren’t going to happen, try to shift your focus to the things that being tall opens up for you. Like never having to worry about getting a good view at a concert. Or never having to sit in the middle seat in a car. Or excelling in sports. Or how you will be looked at as a natural leader. I could go on forever, but you get the point. 

Dating will suck at times. You’re not going to understand why the tall boys you have a crush on always go for the shorter girls (*sigh*). It’s like c’monnn the short girls have so many more options!! Leave the tall boys for me! But that’s okay, high school isn’t for finding the love of your life. :) Being tall and having such a strong presence can intimidate people. It’s not your fault, and it’s not theirs either. They may just not be confident enough to date someone as powerful as you. But just you wait. Your time will come. In your twenties you’ll start viewing your height as a positive thing, and your inner confidence will radiate so bright that men of all ages, shapes, and sizes will be asking for a shot with you.  

Try not to worry so much about the boys, anyway. Have fun with your girl friends in high school. And don’t forget to go easy on your friends, as they’re fighting their own battles. So if they don’t understand exactly what you’re going through, that’s okay. <3 Build as many memories with them as possible, those four years will go by quicker than you could even imagine. 

Seek strong tall female role models, whether that’s actresses, business women, social media influencers, or athletes. There are so many amazing women for you to look up to. And don’t forget the best role model of them all: your mama. She’s your biggest supporter, number one fan, and loves you eternally, so never be afraid to open up to her when you’re feeling unsure of yourself. 

Lastly, the most important thing; when you walk through the hallways between classes, keep your head up. Don’t walk with your head down looking at the ground, hoping to blend in with the other students. Walking with your head down won’t make you appear to be any shorter, it will only make you look awkward. So instead walk tall. Keep your shoulders back, your head high, and be proud of all that you are. You. Are. Amazing. And the best is yet to come.  

All My Love,

26 year old Jenna


About The Author

As a 6'4" female, Jenna has - quite literally - a different perspective on life than most. Because of that, she decided to create a Tall Girl community as a way to share the fashion tips and lifestyle hacks that she's mastered over the course of her life. 

Life is short. She's not. Follow Jenna as she navigates life being a foot taller than the average woman. 

You can see Jenna's letter and her other amazing posts on her incredible tall fashion blog, Tall Girl Takeover, by clicking here

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